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I have been growing thousands of trees in the ground and in pots until, finally, there are lot of good trees to choose from in my nursery. I will be glad to have you visit here (1 1/2 hours north of San Francisco); I am open by appointment. -Jim

There is a problem in showing trees online. My trees are always under development, so any photo is just an image of the tree on that day. If I haven't worked on the tree in a while, it may look overgrown. If I have just worked on it, the foliage may look very skimpy.

In practice, the trees get worked on and the skimpy trees fill out. When they reach a certain level of refinement, someone sees them here or at a show or sale & boom! they are gone. And I was probably just thinking of posting their photos...

Green Atlas Cedars - These trees were dug in 2004 & either sold or styled. I have dug more cedars each year, but I am not currently selling any unstyled trees.

Development photos of my first field grown Green Atlas Cedar and one I dug in 2004 are in the >Bonsai Gallery

>Green Atlas Cedars For Sale

>Blue Atlas Cedars For Sale

>Asian Pears (Mame Nashi , semi-dwarf)

>Crab Apples For Sale

>Apples For Sale (full sized)

>Shimpaku Junipers For Sale