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Deer Meadow Bonsai

My First Ever Nursery Open House coincided with

the GSBF Convention in Santa Rosa, November 4-7, 2004

When I lived in Berkeley, my backyard was crammed with way too many trees. East Bay Bonsai Society members helped me move them all here in 1995, and I immediately began to acquire more. I planted thousands in the ground. I wired, fertilized, watered and pruned. I made mistakes and I had some losses, but I kept learning and the hard work has begun to show good results!

My nursery now features:

o Field-grown Trees >See Trees For Sale

o Annealed Copper Wire - the best quality & still the best price!

o My original Bonsai Pots

o Chinese Bonsai Pots - beautiful oval and rectangular pots, glazed and unglazed

o Japanese Bonsai Tools and Japanese Aluminum Wire - excellent quality & great prices

o My personal bonsai collection


The Nursery is now open by Appointment only


1. From Hwy 101, take Hwy-116 West to, and through, Sebastopol.

2. About 1 mile past Sebastopol, turn left on Occidental Road. (There is a 4-way stop light & a Texaco Station at that intersection).

3. Drive about 6 (?) miles into Occidental.

4. Turn left on Bohemian Hwy (the only north-south road in town).

5. Two blocks to Bittner, turn right.

6. Drive 2 miles west on Bittner to Deer Meadow Lane and turn right. (If you reach Joy Road, you have gone too far. Turn around & go back about 100 yards & then turn left on Deer Meadow.)

7. One full mile to my gate - all the way to the end of the road. Note: this is a pot-holed, rutted dirt road, and the house numbers are out of order, so just stay on the road all the way to the end.

8. I will tell you the shortcut back to Bittner when you leave.

Jim Gremel 707 874-1679