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Marco Invernizzi - California Tour 2005

As a member of Bay Island Bonsai (BIB), I am able to work with our teacher Boon Manakitivipart all year long (see BonsaiBoon.com to learn more about Boon & BIB), I highly recommend that you study with him when you get the opportunity and look to him when you are shopping for great trees.

For the last three years I have also had the opportunity to study with Marco Invernizzi during his visits to California. Studying with Marco has been great for me and my trees, so I am very pleased that Marco will return to California to lead workshops and work on private collections in October and November 2005. He will also be a headliner at the GSBF Convention in Anaheim early in November.

Marco apprenticed with Masahiko Kimura (the most renowned bonsaist in the world) and has become an international bonsai star. His artistic and technical skills are amazing, he speaks excellent English and is great fun to work with. Studying with Marco or having Marco work on your trees would be great ways to improve your bonsai skills and the quality of your trees.

I am assisting Marco's California Tour by arranging his work schedule, so if you want to hire Marco to work on your bonsai,or if you want to be in a Marco workshop please contact me at Jim@JimGremel.com asap. -Jim-

The uncaptioned images below are from two Marco Invernizzi workshops held in my studio on 11/16-17/2004