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Why Pay More?

My annealed copper wire is very soft, it doesn't have hard spots, it is in conveniently sized coils and it is markedly cheaper than imported copper wire. It is even cheaper than aluminum wire!

I coil and anneal ten sizes of copper wire: The even-number sizes from 4 (the heaviest) to 22 (the lightest). Coil diameters, weights, prices, etc. are listed below:

But First, Some References

I am very pleased that my Annealed Copper Wire is recommended by the following bonsai masters:

Southern California: Ted Matson & Roy Nagatoshi,

Northern California: Boon Manakitivipart & Kathy Shaner,

Italy: Marco Invernizzi.

Actual FedEx Ground or postal charges will be added to your order.

I expect FedEx charges to be about $1/lb to the Midwest or further east, more for a small order, less for a large order, but I won't know until I have boxed an order and have the exact weight and destination.

Shipping is free (in the lower 48 states) if you buy more than $320 in copper wire.