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Copper vs Aluminum Bonsai Training Wire

Which type of wire to use becomes almost a religious issue for some bonsaiists. I have always used copper. I have just started to use aluminum for some deciduous trees, but it is much more difficult for me to use because I have nearly three decades of experience with copper. I am clearly biased, but here are what I feel are the important considerations:

Annealed Copper

o More economical

o Work hardens as it is applied, so it holds better than aluminum

o Preferred for conifers

o Cannot be reused unless reannealed

Anodized Aluminum

o Softer than copper, it has to be perhaps 1/3 larger in diameter than copper for a given purpose. The larger diameter has a larger "foot print", or contact area, with the bark, so it will be slower to scar a delicate barked tree.

o Many bonsaists prefer aluminum for deciduous trees.

o Aluminum doesn't work harden very much, so it can be reused.